Our manufacturing capabilities

We manufacture light metal and zinc die-cast parts!


DIECASTING - Lightmetal

We are specialized in die casting of aluminum and non-ferrous metals. In the foundry, the metal is transformed in a furnace and poured into molds to create high-performance products that meet the customers requirements. The die-casting process ensures a high quality end result due to the strict controls of both raw materials.



Zinc alloy casting and hot chamber die casting technology make it possible to obtain components for different fields of application and to respond to different types of needs: aesthetic, technical or functional.

and machining


Complete mold design: Taking into account the results of the feasibility study, we can propose technical solutions to obtain better casting results. Mechanical processing up to the assembly of complete assemblies: We carry out all processing internally in order to obtain components that produce the accuracy required by the part drawing.


Process control

Goods receipt of supplier parts, process control Shape state, raw material melting, die casting process and machining process are strictly controlled. We apply a digital passport to record critical process parameters for each part, so the quality of our die cast part is well assured.

Social sustainability

Research and innovation

Aluminiumguss Sauerland GmbH (AGS) believes that a company represents a group of people that carry out an important function within the community, satisfying its needs and desires. For this reason, AGS identity is represented by collaborators who, by working each day with passion and commitment, operate so that those who coexist alongside AGS can also enjoy the development that the economic activity generates.

AGS therefore bases its company policy on respect, ethics and the promotion of both the human patrimony and that of the land, investing in and executing its social role within the community with continuity and responsibility.

MAKE in, not only #madeingermany!

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